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    This is a Lead Generation website where we pass the Leads to vetted Plumbers and Heating Engineers only


    As such, we don't deliver the services and are not responsible for any damages and loss of any forms for the services they will deliver


    We can entertain complaints and will try inform and reprimand the said vendor


    We don't deal with refunds and payments - to whom you paid, then you will have to deal with them


    We don't take payments from customers - we only get a certain amount of money for the agreed Pay Per Lead basis with plumbers and heating engineers or boiler installers and repair providers or we get paid for having the website rented by plumbers and heating engineers and other mentioned providers


    Super Friendly Plumber takes your privacy very seriously


    We do not store your details in our website - we endorse it to the legitimate plumber renter of this site. They have agreed to only use customer details for contacting them regarding the said enquiries for plumbing and heating and boiler services - they are not allowed to sell or use the details for any other purposes or hand them to other third parties


    THE VENDORS are not the owners of this website - they are just renting the site on a monthly basis


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    For Information and complaints, email us directly: superfriendlyplumber@gmail.com